A resource for families who lose a child.

Mission Statement

Walk In Sunshine’s mission is to provide assistance to families who have lost a young child in the New Jersey area in addition to providing online resources for families all around the world.

About Us

Walk In Sunshine is an organization whose premise is to be there for parents both financially and spiritually, who have lost young children. Losing a child can be one of the hardest moments a family can go through.

We can help answer some of the smaller questions…

What We Do

Financial Assistance

For those families residing in New Jersey, Walk In Sunshine is able to provide financial assistance for those who have lost a child. If you would like to apply for financial assistance please fill out the following form:


From jewelry to art to music to even different kinds of memorial items, the remembrance of your child does not end with burial.

Take a look at some of the educational. organizations, books, and articles we offer to get you through this difficult time.


Apart from offering resources to bereaved parents, Walk In Sunshine is proud to offer financial donations to families who need support. If you are interested in donating to Walk-In Sunshine, please complete the form below. A member of our organization will contact you, or donate to us digitally by clicking the button below.

Where it all started.

When we would be lying in bed at 2am in the weeks and months after our son passed away, with the pain still so raw and intense, inevitably you would jump on your phone and google topics about loss and child death but for some reason we would only stumble upon the same low quality links.  Who knows maybe our brains were in a fog and it was user error, but we knew we couldn’t possibly be alone in this journey.

We knew we needed to make it easier for grieving parents to get to the information they needed.

Local Organizations

If you have experienced a loss in New Jersey here are some local organizations that may also be able to help.

News & Updates

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Please join Walk In Sunshine in raising awareness this October for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. In 1988, President Ronald Regan declared October as a month to recognize the unique grief of bereaved parents, and the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness...

Grief and Rebirth with Irene Weinberg

Grief and Rebirth with Irene Weinberg

We were thrilled to join Irene Weiberg on a recent podcast to discuss grief, death, and how Walk In Sunshine got to where it is today.facebookinstagramlinkedin

Five Apps That Can Be Helpful While Grieving

Five Apps That Can Be Helpful While Grieving

Although nothing can replace the love and support of friends or family, sometimes you need to grieve on your own. Here, we take a look at five grief apps that may help you understand death and the emotions you’re experiencing when adapting to life after the loss of a...

How can we help?

Email Us: info@WalkInSunshineCharity.org