Remembering 9/11 and Responding to Sudden Unexpected Loss

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Sudden, unexpected loss leaves a heavy burden for those left behind. We are often left with questions, unresolved issues, and a range of emotions. While no form of grief is particularly easy to process, the unanticipated loss of a loved one can disrupt the normal process of grieving. We aren’t solely dealing with the loss of that person, but the personal trauma we’re experiencing as well. 

Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death among ages 15-44, with over 4,700 deaths in 2020 in New Jersey alone (NJ DOH). This includes car accidents, drowning, falls, fire, and other traumatic events.

While it’s difficult to address the many exclusivities to the different types of grief surrounding sudden loss, including the loss of a child or traumatic event, there are similar feelings that those grieving a sudden death may share. In the occurrence of a sudden, unexpected loss, we urge those who remain to seek out individuals, organizations, and services related to the type of death. For example, Walk in Sunshine provides online resources to help those coping with the loss of a child. On our website, there is a section with resources specific to sudden unexpected loss, which includes books, support groups, organizations, articles, and videos. To access our resource library, please click here. In the heartbreaking event of sudden unexpected loss of a child, Walk In Sunshine also supports families in New Jersey by helping to offset the cost of funeral arrangements.

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