Walk In Sunshine Charity Expanding to Union County, New Jersey

Walk In Sunshine Charity is excited to announce that they will be expanding their capacity to donate $1,000 to any child who passes to all families of Union County, NJ. Established in 2018, Walk In Sunshine Charity is a resource to those who have lost a child from 20 weeks gestation to 18 years of age by providing financial resources to local NJ families and online resources to families around the world. Previously, the financial component was only available to Westfield NJ families. This expansion is a tremendous step to help Walk In Sunshine continue its mission to help families during this most difficult situation.


The expansion is a formidable challenge, as Walk In Sunshine’s financial resources will now be available to hundreds of thousands of people, but through the support of the community, Walk In Sunshine is now able to make this exciting move.


“All of this is due to the amazing donation from Frank Isoldi!” said founder Lou Magrone. “He really put us over the edge and was able to set us up for success for this year and beyond! We are so thankful.”


Started by Lou and Francine Magrone of Westfield, NJ, the trouble of managing funeral costs for a young child is something they know all too well. They began to ask themselves questions no parent should have to. How much does a funeral or a headstone cost? What exactly do you bury or cremate a baby or child in? Is it just a smaller casket and does my local funeral home have these in stock? These are just some of the questions they struggled with, and after speaking to other parents suffering a similar loss, they knew they weren’t alone; hence Walk In Sunshine was created.


The website features a variety of online resources such as where to find support groups, links to books, memorial keepsakes, and information to apply for financial aid. Walk in Sunshine has pledged to donate $1,000 to a vendor of the family’s choice who have experienced the loss of their child.


“Easily 50% of the plots in the Infant Section at Fairview Cemetery do not have a headstone. Some of this certainly is financial,” said Lou. Walk in Sunshine is here to help in those circumstances The loss of a child is all too familiar to many in Westfield, and knowing there are other families searching the internet for blogs or a special way to remember their loved one(s), we thought Walk In Sunshine can be the one website that could meet all these needs.


In addition, the website features a Memory Wall, where parents can submit information for free that can help their child be remembered and connect with fellow grievers. Parents can also post a photograph or write a few words about their loved one. “We would love for this memory wall to be shared all over the world,” said Francine.

“We would love to hear from other families who have lost children in the Westfield area,” or from anyone who has any feedback about our site said, Francine. “ We hope to be able to donate money to the surrounding towns outside Union County in the coming years.

As Walk In Sunshine grows into its mission to help families, it seeks individuals to help build out their Board of Trustees.


If you would like more information about serving on the Board please email Walkinsunshinecharity@gmail.com.

For more information about Walk Sunshine, visit www.WalkInSunshineCharity.org/ or please like our Facebook Page.