Walk In Sunshine on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is less than a week away and will be here next Tuesday, December 1st. We know it has been a difficult year for everyone and we are grateful for all your kind words, time spent on our website, and for anyone who has donated financially since we were founded 2+ years ago.

Established in 2012, Giving Tuesday is a global movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to help transform their communities and the world.

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Please understand if you are not able to contribute financially there are still ways you can help us with our outreach and with our mission to help families after the loss of a child. If this speaks to you, please send us a note via the contact us page on our website or here.

While we haven’t been able to get out into the community this year, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard here at Walk-In Sunshine. We are proud to have added two new sections to our ever-expanding website this year, including resources on child/teen loss from drug addiction and families dealing with loss from suicide.

In addition, our website saw unparalleled traffic this year. Year-to-date, our website visitors have been up 48%, our unique visitors are up 37%, and our average visitor time is up 85%. People are visiting our site and due to your donations, they are finding resources that can help.




Again, we would appreciate any donations as part of Giving Tuesday to please click here.


About Walk In Sunshine

Walk In Sunshine is a charity that focuses on online resources for families who have lost a child. We plan to continue to post articles addressing all types of child loss. We will also donate $1,000 to the final arrangements of any child loss in Union County from 20 weeks gestation until the child turns 18.